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Monday, November 16, 2009

Workstation 7.0 Released!

Workstation 7.0 has been released, and it includes improvements to replay debugging. You still get all the benefits of replay debugging, plus we've made some improvements and added some new features.

  • General stability improvements.
  • Reverse execution performance improvements (reducing number of replay operations required to achieve reverse execution).
  • Can start debugging at snapshot embedded in recording (in addition to starting at beginning of recording).
  • Remote replay debugging (i.e., Visual Studio and VMware Workstation are running on different hosts) in addition to local debugging.
  • Can disambiguate between multiple processes with the same name.
  • Enhancement to read non-present (i.e., swapped out) memory.
  • Improved exe/dll version checking between host and guest.
  • Linux/gdb support (see this technote).
Please give it a try!



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